Thursday, March 1, 2007


So grey and rainy at the moment. A sharp contrast to the weather in Australia ,I know. It's hard to imagine spending more than 30 minutes at a time outside. Bring on the park weather!
We're now in our larger apartment, when it's time for us to return home, I just know we'll be absolutely horrified by all we've accumulated in 6 months. One of the pleasures of travelling is only having to worry about the contents of a few suitcases, it's so refreshing to be so unencumbered! However, it's a fact of life that people shop. And being of an artistic temperament, I am so seduced by 'things', I love the toy shops here! I'm going to have to start going to them on my own though, it's too hard trying to get out of those places without desperate pleas from the kids for things and I feel cruel if I buy a toy for myself only.
Apart from shopping, we've been attempting to follow a Steiner curriculum for DS. He's up to the letter E so far. He's quite pleased about learning real writing but has a lot of trouble remembering the phonetic sounds of letters. He knows all his capital letters however, because we're always spelling words for him to type into log in pages on the PC. I think we'll have to start using words such as 'Encyclopedia' and perhaps 'Gesundheit' as passwords to help him boost his vocabulary! Apart from writing practice he's been drawing a lot of monsters, we've made our own calendar and talked about the seasons. In this curriculum they have a very creative approach to maths, I've read several stories about the 4 gnomes- plus, times, minus and divide and we've been practicing sums with a big bowl of walnuts. We've pressed some flowers to learn about plants and DS wants to start learning to play the recorder. I think music is big business here, there's lots of music shops about and DS keeps looking longingly at the piccolo recorders all in pieces in beautiful wooden boxes. These cost about 125 euro, I hope he's not to disappointed with the budget version I'm planning on getting for him.
And what is DD doing in this wonderfully enriched learning environment? She has developed a passion for eating a bowl of Hungarian flavour chips concurrently with a bowl of crunchy cereal with milk. They have to be served up at exactly the same time. While it might seem a little worrying that she shows more interest in this than say- any kind of education, I see a powerful CEO in her personality!


Alison said...

Welcome to EDm - A transition from Oz to Germany is a hard one I think - they have so many rules and the women aren't nearly as 'liberated'. -though anywhere, I think the efforts to recycle fall mostly to women. Are you homeschooling, then?

:) Silvia said...

Dear Deb, your Aachen / Germany blogs are always so delightful to me. It's just so much fun to see (read about) your own country and language through the eyes of a stranger :)). By the way have you ever read "The Awful German Language" by Mark Twain? If you haven't google it, I'm sure you'll like it. Greetings from Mainz!