Thursday, March 1, 2007


You might wonder why I always complain about being busy. Well, today I'm going to tell you. It's the recycling. This is the recycling routine I need to follow in Germany:
Paper- needs to be clean and not packed together in boxes or such. Goes in bin with blue lid. Can be taken to the recycling bins at the Supermarket but then needs further sorting into paper and cartons.
Glass- is sorted into Brown, Green, Clear and needs to be placed in the proper community recycling bins found around the neighbourhood. Must not be done during 'quiet time' 1-2pm. Beer bottles, Wine bottles and water bottles must be returned to the supermarket from which you purchased them. Or, if you can't be bothered, just give them to the drunks at the train station and they will return them for the refund.
Bio tonne- this is any compostable matter like food scraps. This one is relatively easy to do.
Gelbe Sack (yellow sack) - seems to be any kind of packaging, I love the fact that you shove all kinds of plastic into this! Only problem is the distribution of these sacks is done by the apartment owners and sacks are only given to buildings once a year. So there is some rationing required.
All the other stuff- used tissues (Must not be placed in Biotonne bin!) Meat scraps ( I think?!) this is a problem, this bin gets emptied every fortnight!

This system took me weeks to figure out. So I think I've got it all sorted (Ha!Ha!) The only things that keep me awake at night are DH's blatant disregard for any of it and the fact that I have a whole chicken carcass and a few big blocks of styrofoam I can't seem to get rid of with a clear conscience.

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Brenda Y said...

How complicated!! While not universal in the US, in California we have three bins that are picked up and dumped every week. . . 1-reclyclable 2)garden cuttings 3)other trash. And I had a difficult time when we went from one to two and then to THREE! LOL!!
Btw, Welcome to EDM!! You've a fantastic blog and I look forward to checking in on it often.