Thursday, March 8, 2007

Boy's Head

This was meant to be my son, but it looks nothing like him. Well, I'll just get around that by giving this little sketch a generic type title. I really need to work on my picture taking methods, they are all a bit blurry.


Karen Winters said...

A very nice sketch, Deb.

Regarding your question about taking pictures - try adding more light (indirect works for me) and using a monopod or tripod. That will reduce blur and get you a sharper crisper image. If you take the picture outside, most likely you won't even need a tripod. A bright overcast day is best.


Sydney Harper said...

I really like this sketch. It shows a lot of character.

When I'm taking pictures inside, I've found that using a tripod or propping the camera on a box or something and then setting the timer helps with the blur.