Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Things I like

Things I love about Germany-

Toilet cleaner gets rid of Kalk and Schmutz
the"Kick Artz" bakery
silent dogs
professional supermarket cashiers
supermarket trolleys that always drive straight
Bratwurst street vendors
extremely polite people

The photos above were taken in Maastricht, a Dutch town about an hour away from Aachen. It was very crowded on Sunday, I can't remember the Dutch phrase for it now, but there is a special one for 'first Sunday of the month, Shopping Day." It is definitely popular, as you can see by the bikes, though that really is a particularly Dutch thing. The bike paths are as well or better maintained than the roads. I love that.

I also like the fact that the next day after rain, little umbrella cemeteries pop up around the towns. Is it a special privilege to be the first one to a potential site? I think that person should get some sort of credit for establishing it.

Sunday- a whole day dedicated to purchasing- we came home with yet another baby doll and extra Lego. But we ate a lot of Frites with Mayo, I hereby swear off excessive shopping.

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aPugsLife-laserone said...

hahahah, I love all the bikes! Where are all the riders? :)