Monday, March 26, 2007

Unschooling moments

As parents who homeschool, we focus on the tools for learning rather than what is learned. We try to instill a love for learning, reasoning that once they have this they can learn anything they need. In our house we try to treat the "Why?" stage very seriously. You know that stage- when your kid starts asking questions more or less constantly from waking until passing out? It takes a lot of energy to keep thinking of answers to questions like- 'what's a lie?' ,'what's truth?' 'what's his name?' what's his name again?'
and then 30 minutes later going through the whole script again. The reason why we do this, is to keep curiosity alive, to let our kids know that curiosity is a most valuable thing and will take them everywhere they want to go in their adult lives. But.....there is a down side to it.
The other day we were walking around the Elisenbrunnen here in Aachen, it's a lovely building built above hot springs, it has fountains and stairs and all sorts of things that children find entertaining. The kids decided to run around the grassed area and I ambled slowly behind. I noticed them both standing still studying something they had found on the ground.
"Mum! What is this?"
"Aaah, a chance to enlighten their lovely little minds!" I thought. I came to where they were and squatted down to see better.
"erggh! it's dog poo!" (most astounded they hadn't figured this out for themselves.)
My daughter nodded solemnly and as we all watched, promptly put her foot in it and gave it a good ol squish! This is what you get for encouraging a child's curiosity, I'm afraid.


phthaloblu said...

Oh, too funny! Yes, we have all kinds of stories like this. Having the kids around 24/7 is a constant source of amusement, entertainment and yes, sometimes frustration. But, I wouldn't trade it for the world. My kids are teenagers and my oldest will soon be off to college. I will cherish these memories forever. And we will all look back in years to come and laugh about the stuff like stomping dog poo! lol! Thanks for a great laugh today.

Deb Salter said...

You're so right! I feel priveleged to be able to experience every moment of their day.

E-J said...

Your blog is a riot.

My daughter is a little way off the "Why?" stage just yet - at 7 months, she's very much making the most of the "determined-to-pull-this-thing-towards-me-and-eat-it" stage.