Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My bellydancing butt

You know, the funny thing about starting a blog is that I've presented myself out of the ether. Most of you know nothing about me other than what has been posted here. It has been revealed that I love coffee and drawing, I really dig my family, I'm in Germany. Now to reveal one more aspect of Salty-

For some time I have been completely obsessed with Belly Dancing. I have spent a gazillion dollars on lessons, costumes from Ebay (there's another not entirely positive obsession!) I have gathered quite a weird collection of Belly Dance music.

Now, to the point of this post. Early on in my lessons, we learnt how to shimmy. Shimmying is the most natural thing in the world, until you think about it, then it all goes backside up. We were instructed to feel the moves. If we could feel the backs of the legs and the buttocks wobbling merrily we knew we were on the right track. One of the reasons I love Belly Dance is because it celebrates the flesh, you can't dance right if you've got nothing to shake. The other great thing about it is that you need to be able relax bits and tense other bits. After a few weeks of lessons I was feelin fine! All the tension just melted away.

During my time in Germany I have not danced or done any real exercise apart from the damn stairs, and I feel pretty crap really. After suffering from pinched nerves and chronically tight neck muscles I decided to go over some BD moves whilst in the shower. How would us mothers ever get any time to ourselves if it wasn't for the shower? This isn't always a guarantee, you really need to train the offspring from an early age that THE SHOWER is sacred. So there I was, proper BD posture, body nice and loose, work those knees and voila! If you look at the rather foolish photo above, that's me. I'm tall and up until I had children I was reasonably thin. I have my father's physique, we're both pretty straight up and down until you get to the middle part, that's were we store our winter reserves, we both look constantly pregnant, we also have stick legs. Neither of us has much of a butt either, that also has kind of swung around to the front.

So before when I shimmied, I didn't really have that sensation of wobbling at the back. However, for the first time I felt it all going. It's an achievement, I tell you! And what do I have to thank for this body compositional change? That wonderful, abundant, ridiculously cheap beer and Bratwurst. By the time I get home I'm going to be the Shimmy Queen!

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