Thursday, May 3, 2007

Down with House Work!

Sometimes I stress about the housework like the state of the world depends on it. It makes me crazy, driven, a real bitch. I really don't like that state of mind, I'm sure my kids hate it when I'm more focused on drips on the floor rather than on them. I think it's just easy to concentrate all my anxiety on something essentially unimportant, the ultimate in time wasting. The thing about house cleaning is that it is a universal language, we can complain about it to each other across the language barrier. I'm not very good at housework, we're in a serviced apartment at the moment, which you would think would suit someone such as myself who is house-proud impaired. But I can't help but be paranoid about the decaying remnants in the fridge which I'm sure the cleaning staff peer into solely to think badly of me. I clean like a demon the day before they come and boy does that make me crabby. ( click on above image to enlarge.)

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