Tuesday, May 8, 2007

One of those perfect moments.

So, I was having a shower the other day and I decided to multi-task on this occasion by brushing my teeth at the same time. When I finished there was no where to put my toothbrush so I opened the shower doors and threw the toothbrush into the sink about a metre and a half away. It hit the nearest side, slid down and up the opposite wall, then gracefully arced and balanced perfectly on the edge of the washing machine. I need say no more.....

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Pat said...

Sweet toss Deb, I love moments like this, especially with something you put in your mouth landing NOT on the floor. A trip to the floor is so easy, you and your toothbrush did something truly amazing.
When I was 14, at the mall, just ate a hotdog wrapped in foil, crumpled up the foil and threw it behind my back, swish!! right into a square trash can with a round opening on top only 8 inches across... I was 30 feet away!