Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Now that the adventure of Germany is drawing to a close, we find ourselves discussing the next adventure. Phil and I have talked about downsizing for years now, and the time here has brought us one step closer. It's always been a good feeling to live out of a suitcase (well, 3 actually.) While we've been here I've weaned off shopping, which I did quite a bit of when I first got here. It got really tiresome and I realised that it was a pattern that I followed in Melbourne as well- 'Entertainment shopping'. I cut down our shopping trips to essentials only, would only grocery shop when the fridge was entirely empty. As a result, my bank balance has been healthier than it has in years and I feel a great weight has fallen from me because my days aren't planned around the daily shopping. I want to continue this when we get home. I've been severely curtailing the children's tv watching as well in an attempt to reduce their exposure to advertising which I've finally realised has as it's sole purpose- to encourage us to buy stuff we didn't need before. The days without mindless consuming and tv have been the most satisfying.

So Phil and I have brought up the topic once more- Will we sell our house? I'm dreaming of acres of bushland, no lawn, no flowers just a small house some vegies and the wildlife. I read aboutsome tiny houses at this link-
They are so small you don't even need a building permit, in fact they can drive the finished house to your land on the back of a truck! I was enchanted, but Phil is well aware of my tendency to excess when I'm enthusiastic and has suggested that small is good but he does want a certain standard of living which entails being able to swing cats and access to the grid. It's true, I am wildly enthusiastic especially since my brother and sister-in-law have bought land are about to move into their rather luxurious shed while they build their home.
Brother, I know you've got your hands full at the moment but could you spare a hand to build our dream shed? Please?

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