Monday, July 30, 2007


I promised you twang- G'day! Howzithangin? I don't think I have ever strung those words together in my life, in fact I don't know anyone at all that says 'G'day'. Hmmmm, interesting.....or is it? I digress. We've been home for 5 days, I've been jetlagged and ill probably from breathing that fetid air that gets perpetually recirculated through the aircraft cabin. My eye and nose have been streaming so much so, that I have taped a sanitary pad over my eye and plugged the nostril with a Med. I'm really getting into these blogs where the author describes their illnesses in vivid detail, they are surprisingly common, I guess that's why we have blogs in the first place, I can go on about any old shite and there's not a damn thing you can do about it, well apart from not reading this of course, but you are! Ha!

Ok, this is all getting a bit nonsensical even for me, I'm hoping my head will clear some time in the next few days then perhaps my reason will return.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Guy from the paper

Think I'll take a tram ride tomorrow to get some discarded newspapers.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

See you in Melbourne!

Ok, we're about done here. Just one major hauling of approximately a small city of suitcases to Frankfurt and then a little jaunt around Switzerland, then back to the Land of Oz. Next time I post it will be in a strong Aussie twang. Though I'm quite taken with this Twitter thing, (see my side bar at left.) I'll be letting you know at regular intervals such fascinating things about what I'm doing like picking my nose or vacantly staring into space.

I am perhaps obtaining much more great!

I've just been reading this blog- Not really sure what his name is, he seems a little multiple-personality, but hey! The blog is a scream! One of his posts was an experiment with something like Google Translate, I love Google Translate ( ) , if you're ever feeling a bit low and are in need of a good laugh have a play with it. Crackskullbob translated English to Portuguese and back again, the following post was done in the same manner except to Spanish.

I am trying to lose some kilos, my gut is spilling on my waistband but really I am tired to wake up as much with the indigestiĆ³n and of the change more slowly. I am living on the soup of miso and fruit, is not so bad in fact that my stomach seriously of the rumbling is entertaining absolutely. The time of baking has been reduced greatly that is a premium. My husband will eat tonight toasted and tea, and will drain a bag in a cup and will add the hot water, there! Uses the supper! I complained to my husband the other day which just they did not make wrap the way that used to, all my t-shirts I look like to have contracted to reveal a charming roller of the fat, is not perhaps the washing machine, I am perhaps obtaining much more great.
I'm thinking I should write all my posts in this manner, it really improves the quality!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Art of The Nap

Phil has an enviable skill of being able to construct a makeshift bed wherever he is. I drew this in the garden behind the Elisenbrunnen, where Phil managed a little nap while the kids ran over the top of him and despite the sulfurous odour that comes from the natural spring nearby.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Parallel universes and earplugs

The other day, I bought a new pack of earplugs, an essential for wives of snoring men. These ones were a hot pink and Hana was absolutely intrigued with them. She asks all the time if I can get the pack out for her, she loves the colour, I think when she looks at it she can feel the colour, it is most certainly a pleasurable thing for her.
As I was lying awake the other night (not having the earplugs handy because I had put them in a cupboard to hide them from Hana) I got to thinking how intensely I loved things as a kid. Smells, colours, certain pictures, rocks, pieces of worn glass. It was certainly a sensual experience to look and touch certain things, I can't remember when I ceased experiencing those things so deeply. It made me realise that we inhabit a different world to the one of childhood. No wonder we clash with kids so much, we're living in parallel universes, and unfortunately the impulse to impose our realities on our kids is very hard to resist. I guess it's not wholly intentional. Of course we have their best interests at heart, we want to prepare them for the adult world. I guess the danger is that we unintentionally steal childhood time away if we are not open to their reality.
I began drawing again this year after a long absence because some accidental discoveries on the net lead me to a whole new way of thinking about creativity. I forgot the goal oriented, mentality which had previously frozen my desire for making art and began drawing my little life purely for the pleasure of it. This has resulted in a complete turn around in the way I think about just about everything! This kind of drawing is a kind of meditation, a kind of worship if you will. Time is arrested while the line takes on a life of it's own, it is refreshing, it is rejuvenating. At these moments I just barely capture that feeling I had as a child while tenderly stroking the inside fur of my cat's paw, drinking in the sensation and processing it with my whole being. I watch my kids and see them experience these moments constantly, I'm watching and trying to learn their lessons

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Leaving preparations

We go next week. I've been wandering about sketching things I may never see again, and living in amongst chaos while we turn out cupboards and filter through the amazing amount of crap that we have accumulated over the last 6 months. Now you see why I am trying to cease with the shopping! It's frightening to think that soon we will be home and a van is going to bring loads of stuff out of storage to pour into our overly large house and I will be totally overcome with having to deal with it all. I'm still fantasizing about moving into a cosy little shed like my brother's. When we get back, I'm going to contact these people-
see if I can get rid of a whole lotta stuff!