Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I am perhaps obtaining much more great!

I've just been reading this blog- Not really sure what his name is, he seems a little multiple-personality, but hey! The blog is a scream! One of his posts was an experiment with something like Google Translate, I love Google Translate ( ) , if you're ever feeling a bit low and are in need of a good laugh have a play with it. Crackskullbob translated English to Portuguese and back again, the following post was done in the same manner except to Spanish.

I am trying to lose some kilos, my gut is spilling on my waistband but really I am tired to wake up as much with the indigestiĆ³n and of the change more slowly. I am living on the soup of miso and fruit, is not so bad in fact that my stomach seriously of the rumbling is entertaining absolutely. The time of baking has been reduced greatly that is a premium. My husband will eat tonight toasted and tea, and will drain a bag in a cup and will add the hot water, there! Uses the supper! I complained to my husband the other day which just they did not make wrap the way that used to, all my t-shirts I look like to have contracted to reveal a charming roller of the fat, is not perhaps the washing machine, I am perhaps obtaining much more great.
I'm thinking I should write all my posts in this manner, it really improves the quality!


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laserone said...

OMG this is a freaking riot! I will have to try this! LOL!!!

laserone said...

OMG LOL you are right, I'm in hysterics! Here's mine:

"Today good day was. I was able to sleep inside, to that really I needed. I was and I saw that the mother and we stopped for the submarines for the lunch and after we hung towards outside in its house. I drew in my sketchbook and we chatted and we verified outside towards a little matter in line. Then I came to house and took too much long from a siesta, I am for above slow now, as usual. I have a study of the dream this week to see if I have apnea of the dream, so that it must be the diversion (not). We were swimming at night tonight and the swimming pool had too much clorina and now I feel as my skin shriveling for above. In any case, that one is everything for now."


Mim said...

I love this and will try it too. Love your drawings especially the one right below this post of someone taking a nap. Lovely