Monday, July 30, 2007


I promised you twang- G'day! Howzithangin? I don't think I have ever strung those words together in my life, in fact I don't know anyone at all that says 'G'day'. Hmmmm, interesting.....or is it? I digress. We've been home for 5 days, I've been jetlagged and ill probably from breathing that fetid air that gets perpetually recirculated through the aircraft cabin. My eye and nose have been streaming so much so, that I have taped a sanitary pad over my eye and plugged the nostril with a Med. I'm really getting into these blogs where the author describes their illnesses in vivid detail, they are surprisingly common, I guess that's why we have blogs in the first place, I can go on about any old shite and there's not a damn thing you can do about it, well apart from not reading this of course, but you are! Ha!

Ok, this is all getting a bit nonsensical even for me, I'm hoping my head will clear some time in the next few days then perhaps my reason will return.

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laserone said...

Hi! I hope you feel better soon! Planes sure can make you sick! :)