Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Confessions of a germaphobe

A few weeks ago on my birthday, I chose as a treat to go on a date with myself to the library. It was very enjoyable, I read a book on germs. I didn't check this book out because I'm the sort of person who would seize up if I knew too much about the greeblies that live in our home. Most people know now, that the toilet is relatively clean compared to, say the kitchen sink which is really a swamp of the Black Death. I didn't know though that anti-bacterial cleaners are completely ineffective and according to recent studies the best way to sanitize something is to scrub it. ( and then manically wash your hands afterwards.) Of course I've been scrubbing away ever since, it is actually a very satisfying activity, I've just been watching months of fungal growth disappear down the plug hole in the shower.
Today's drawing is of the German artist Kathe Kollwitz (1867-1945) She was married to a doctor and was very busy helping him in his practice, looking after her two boys and the household as well as prolifically working at her art. She was a multi-tasker, she drew the women of the working class who waited in her home to see the doctor. Lots of women who did a hell of a lot more scrubbing than I do.


Africantapestry said...

Great sketch, Deb! And a happy belated birthday...hope it was a good one and the new year even better..

caseytoussaint said...

Oh dear - please don't get me started on germs. My French friends already think I'm a nut case
This is a very well done, sensitive drawing. I like the way you work with line.

martín.dibujandoarte said...

HI! Thanks for your comments on my blog. Your portraits sketches are very good indeed. I'll keep visiting. Thanks again. Martín.

Genine said...

This is great. I enjoy your portraits.