Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pointless post completely unrelated to picture

The house sitter has left her goldfish here. I've never had fish before I didn't realize how interactive they are. Whenever I go to make coffee they both swim to the spot where they can see me, at first I thought the espresso machine was traumatizing them and they were trying to communicate with me using fish telepathy but I think they just know I'm the Dude with the Food so they swim around hopefully, much like the cat , except the cat doesn't swim, I guess you already suspected that. So when I fed them I noticed they would swim to the surface to eat and bubbles would come out of their mouths then they would swim down and more bubbles would come out from........well, somewhere. Every time I fed them I would peer at them from under the bowl to see just exactly where these bubbles come from and I'm rather disappointed to report that fish don't appear to fart like I suspected. The bubbles come from their gills so I guess they're just burping, but I'll keep studying them, after all they may be trying to communicate with me by burp talking.

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