Monday, September 17, 2007


The forces of the Universe must be in alignment, both the kids were busy at the same time and not hungry for a change, the husband is working late. I sat on the sofa with Ry Cooder on the sound system , a glass of wine and the sketchbook and pen. Satisfaction settled on me like Spring sunshine and really....what more can I ask for. I feel very lucky.

A quote- "The specialness of artists is the degree to which these precarious balances are crucial backups for their real endeavor. Their essential effort is to catapult themselves wholly, without holding back one bit, into a course of action without having any idea where they will end up. They are like riders who gallop into the night, eagerly leaning on their horse's neck, peering into a blinding rain. and they have to do it over and over again. When they find that they have ridden and ridden- maybe for years, full tilt- in what is for them a mistaken direction, they must unearth within themselves some readiness to turn direction and to gallop off again."
Anne Truitt- Daybook, The Journal of an Artist.
A link- Pamela Dale an Australian Artist who makes some lovely assemblages in the shape of clothing and the very sensuous "blue paintings".

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