Monday, September 3, 2007

Time for a change.....again.

Wow, that was a strange experience. Last week I was happily drawing away when 'Pouf! ( everything sounds classier in French.) Inspiration dried up like the run-away Baked Bean under the couch. At least this time, I only felt mild consternation rather than a full-on panic attack. Maybe I could even grow to love and embrace these times. This week I've been thinking REINVENT. I reinvent all the time, this year I decided I wouldn't take on anymore new activities because I could feel myself wearing thin, last year I did Belly Dancing, pottery, fun runs, yoga, a writing course and I can't remember the rest but of course nothing was completed. I came to my senses this year and realised that staying at home with the kids, being a mum,wife, sister, daughter and trying to be creative really was enough for my limited energy stores. My compulsion to reinvent is something that I've really been ashamed of in the past. Deep down I believed reinvention really meant "unable to finish things" and "unfocused" but this is my year of being kind to myself and embracing the imperfection of life and perhaps even acknowledging that spontaneity, surprises, and gifts from your intuition are all good things that come from reinvention.


caseytoussaint said...

This is cool - if it took a dry spell to push you into this new kind of self expression, well, it seems it was worth it!

Karen said...

I think reinvention is a very good thing - it keeps us growing and fresh. Keep it up!