Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What a funny old fellow was Isaac......

I'm back from a long blogging silence. Just thought I'd mention what a strange guy Isaac Newton was. Brilliant, yes, but also odd....very odd. We are probably lucky that he lived long enough to bring us such amazing concepts as the Calculus, and his masterwork the Philolphiae Naturalis Pricipia mathematica. As well as such brilliance, Newton also indulged in some bizarre experiments such as inserting a bodkin (a very large needle) into his eye socket and rotated it about "betwixt my eye and the bone as near to the backside of my eye as I could..." Why did he do this? To find out what would happen. I suppose the down side to an enquiring mind is that sometimes you have to go to extremes to find an answer. The answer in Isaac's case was luckily, 'nothing lasting.'

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Anonymous said...

The sections on Newton in "A Short History of Nearly Everything" had me alternately gasping and laughing. He was one odd duck.