Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick or treat

Hi! How was your Halloween? This is Big Punkin and Little Friend. It was a Halloween of firsts for us this year, our first Jack o'lantern and our first trick or treaters! That evening a ghost and an idol from the lost continent came to visit and much to Kobe's disgust, I had to give away the remains of his packet of Party Mix or risk a trick.

And talk about Tricksters, take a look at these three- Larry, Curly and Mo, the World's quietest cockatoos. It's only taken the wildlife a couple of days to recognise me as 'The One Who Brings The Food'. The moment I open the shed up the back, these guys appear silently in the plum tree waiting to spend a pleasant few hours cracking sunflower seeds on the grass. They really are absolutely chocka block full of personality.

This pet, on the other hand....sadly lacks personality of any kind. All the same, Hana christened him Sparkle the Snail and she updated me frequently on his goings on. Unfortunately he began to... 'ahem'.... do his number 2's pretty much continuously which I took as a rather ominous sign.
I had to put him back outside where it was cooler, I only hope I wasn't too late.

Hana is very much interested in everything that goes on outdoors. Kobe's outdoor recreation consists of running laps around the Hills Hoist for some reason, but his first loves are still the pc and his Lego. He saw something on TV about Egypt not long ago and this Lego Sphinx appeared on the lounge room floor. You can hardly walk from one wall to the other at our house, it's rather like living in a permanently changing Lego exhibition. I wonder if Kobe can help me build a multi coloured brick rabbit hutch?
Well, I'm off to collect some kindling from under the gum trees. It might be Spring but the nights sure are chilly! Ciao!

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Anonymous said...

oh my ! that would be so awsome to have cockatoo's just munching in the back yard! they are my favorite , next the african grey... which is what we have. :)