Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas and here's to a new Year!

Hello everyone, it's been a long break from blogging. I've been whirling around in my usual disorganized way, busy with the move and then looking for property and buying one!... and the big build up to Christmas. This is my Christmas present, 15 acres of our own property just ripe for a brand new house, the biggest garden ever and a few farm animal friends. I feel completely blissed out. The kids now think dams are the most exciting places ever, all that mud and big plonky stones to throw in it. I love it all except for the barbed wire that surrounds the place, completely unsuitable for goats which we need to keep the gorse down. It looks like the first big outlay will be to improve the fencing. I've made the complete transformation from city Deb to Farmer Deb. Already I'm getting pitying/confused looks from my city mates.
I'm gearing up for a productive year next year. This year has been one for painful experiences and emotional growth but I feel a change in the air, I'm tentatively hopeful. My New Year resolutions are to spend some time each week blogging, to find some great books for my son the New Reader and to bake some fabulous goodies with my wide eyed girl.

Ps. Last week, going on the 3rd week of Summer, Hana and I were out driving when she looked out the window and said 'I wonder what it would be like to touch a cloud?' We drove to the top of Mount Macedon to find out.

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