Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chooks- mark2

Meet Jennifer2 and.....
Clarissa2. Larger more robust chookys than my previous poor unfortunates.
This is Chooky Pentridge though they seem happy enough to be in there. Not quite my dream of free ranging happy hens but better than the alternative. They've popped out 3 eggs so far and are unbelievably friendly. The kids and I regularly sit inside the compound with them and while they were pecking at my toes today I noticed they have quite long pointy tongues.
We've made more seedballs, this is an experimental batch made with birdseed so if they work, the chooks will enjoy the produce. I have already thrown some vegie seedballs in the garden but they're still sitting there quietly, hasn't been enough rain to make them burst into life. I did read they can lie dormant for quite some time, which is the whole point of the exercise I suppose. Seedballs are supposed to be a good way to sow seed in drought conditions because they will just sit until the conditions are right. I hope they work, I've ordered some covercrop seed, enough to sow over a quarter acre. We'll throw those on the site of the old dam at the block.
We made a classic error when we bought our land, we purchased it in Spring when it looked lush and fertile, over the past couple of months despite a good fall of rain, the ground has hardened into a claypan, the dam is down and the grass has turned golden and dry. I am still filled with hope, we're in a cool climate- once the Summer is over I think we'll be better off rainwise than other parts of our state.

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