Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Look, I know we've heard it a million times today but......Man, it's HOT! Got out early this morning to wet down the garden. See above- this is my very technical Greywater recycling system. It takes about 50 litres of water to do the garden, and our tanks off the shed ran out weeks ago. When the kids have a bath, the garden rejoices- there's 50 litres right there! Now before you tell me not to put greywater on the food garden- I only use the warm up water from the shower ie. that precious clean, drinkable water that dissappears down the drain while I wait for the shower to get hot- on the food crops. Greywater comes in different qualities too, warm up water of course is as pure as our water treatment plants make it, bath and shower water have only small quantities of soap compared to water volume so this is not too bad, water quality wise. Laundry water comes next providing you have used a low sodium and phosporous detergent. No-no water is anything from the toilet or kitchen sink. We don't use toilet water for obvious reasons, (although in many old cultures Humanure was routinely used....but us modern people seem to be a bit icky about it.) Kitchen water has grease and fats and detergents and just isn't good for soil.

Syphoning water from buckets to the watering can and then carrying this all over the garden is pretty labour and time intensive but I'm getting pretty strong! Also, some of that time is spent sitting at the outdoor table waiting for the watering can to fill while I listen to the birds and feel the cooler morning air on my skin while watching the chooks peck about my feet. It's pretty satisfying using my water twice too.
Another activity done at the table is potting up the seedlings. These babies still have a long way to go, but it's exciting to think that in months to come we will have silverbeet, radishes, basil, beetroot, celery, beans and other scrumptious goodies popping up in the garden.

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Oma3 said...

Oh, this reminds me of a water crisis we had in Marin Co., Calfornia in the 80"s. There was a whole generation of little boys that were potty trained to go outside. Now we are experiencing another dry winter... I hope the rain comes soon. Today's paper said it was 107 degrees F. in Melbourne for the tennis matches. Now that is HOT!