Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gotta remember the good things in life.

Victoria has been through hell with the bushfires. I feel the weight. But then I spy chooks and kids alike having fun in the sand, it's gotta make you smile. Life continues it's momentum.

Out at the property, we met the Biolytix rep last week to get a quote for a waste water treatment plant. I'm excited to think that our precious tank water will be used once in the house and then reused once it's treated with filters, microbes, bugs and worms in the garden. We will have greenery! This Summer has made me a little nervous about water. We'll be self sufficient in water when the house is built, this means that our water will be fresh from the sky, no more chlorinated cack coming out our pipes but we will be at nature's mercy as to whether there will be enough for us.
Years ago I was horrified that Queenslanders were going to drink their treated poo water, now I wouldn't think twice about it if we were to do it here in Vic. Black water that has been extensively treated is purer than some of the potable water in various countries around the World, and who knows what poos or dies in our catchment reservoirs.
We went out to the property on Sunday night. Phil has been wielding the brushcutter against the gorse again, he's conceded it's too much for one man. Perhaps one man and a couple of goats will do the trick. I absolutely can't wait to have some livestock! I love the chooks but Ruminants are my thing!
Sunset at Ashbourne rd.

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