Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bulls and the contemplation of photography.

Yesterday I went to the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo. I wandered around in the heat looking for a good shot. I took heaps of photos but they just didn't feel right, I knew even before I took most of the photos that I wouldn't like them. These bulls appealed to me though, ( while I was trying to take the shot. The owner tried to push me between them, " You stand there, and I'll take a picture of you with me bulls!)

Today, I've been reading "Photo- Wisdom. Master Photographers on Their Art." I was really taken with this quote by Duane Michals, "My advice to somebody starting out: do not try to be an artist. Forget about art; don't even use the word art in your vocabulary. What you have to find out is if you have anything to say - you have to find that bug up your bum. You have to find that thing that moves you, that part of your psyche that needs to be scratched, like an itch. Then one day it might become that thing called art, but do not try to be an artist, and do not want to become rich and famous."

How beautiful and pure! It really got me thinking, what am I drawn to photographing? What situations just feel right intuitively? I like the bull photo because the bull's bodies were huge and monument like, but also because of that little, lively farmer generously trying to give me the gift of his pride and joy. I love that memory. There was no art, there was a response and now I'm craving more.


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