Tuesday, August 27, 2013



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Day 3.

Today was another busy day, I was proud of myself that I managed to practice before I walked out the door. Today is the official third day of my 365 days of Yoga, I say "official" because, basically I restarted my yoga practice a little while ago. Even though it's only three days into my self imposed Yoga Challenge, what I'm loving about this is that every day I do something new.

Before, I used to do the same 20 minute routine several times a week. I thought if I kept doing it, I would eventually achieve perfection. When I started my Yoga365, it was obvious I couldn't do the same thing every day, Omg that would drive me nuts! So I've been trying different things. Each day I'm excited to practice because I know I'm going to discover something new, and I'll feel good too!

Today's practice came from a video on Yoga Beautiful's website. It was a demonstration of Garudasana (Eagle's pose). I used to be able to do this pose once upon a time, but the last time I went to class, I found I couldn't do it anymore. The video went through three progressions of the pose, Rev. Jahne Hope Williams maintains that the key to this pose is to master balance first. There were three positions for the legs taking into account the abilities of the practitioner, after going through each stance I got that foot around the back of the opposite calf, Yay! I also finally found out the secret as to which arm corresponded to which leg. All in all, I was pretty pleased.

Another horrendously busy day tomorrow, I may or may not be able to post, hope I see you!


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