Friday, September 6, 2013

A meditation experience.


(Photo Deb Salter copyright 2013)

Day 13.

I had an odd experience while meditating today. My thoughts were rolling through my mind like they usually do, I was trying to not try hard at making them stop. I kept coming back to my breath and letting the thoughts float by, suddenly, it was like my thoughts were superimposed on film, I watched it scroll by until I realised I could see behind the it. I had a strong feeling that if I could only see what was behind there, I would be able to see who I really am. I saw what was behind the film.......nothing!

I think this experience was showing me that I am not my thoughts. I kind of know this already on one level but it's very hard to apply this to life. I feel a little unnerved by this experience, but feel this message is so important. Although there was nothing behind the film, it was like being released from the prison of myself and catching a glimpse of vastness and peace! Heavy, huh!

On a lighter note, my practice today was 20 minutes of gentle Hatha. I think Tree Pose is my favourite pose. When I press one foot into the ground and point my head to the heavens, I can almost feel a current of energy rising from the Earth and descending from the sky.


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