Friday, September 13, 2013

Do less.

Image by Richard Bartz, wikimedia creative commons licence.

Day 20.

"The secret to living well is never do as much as you can.

Living Your Yoga: Many of us measure our self-worth by how much we get accomplished each day. Consider this: our worth is not based on accomplishment but on our existence as a whole human being. Today resolve to do 10 percent less and enjoy yourself more." (A Year of Living Your Yoga by Judith Hanson Lassater Phd., P.T)

I never feel like I've accomplished enough, I can't remember a time when I didn't feel that way. It has taken a long time to realise that I've been dealing with a disorder that has sometimes been described as an energy disorder, and it has been for this reason that I don't do as much in my day as others. 
I think most people- in our culture anyway, do measure themselves in terms of what they accomplish. For us who have disabilities in this area, we often feel lazy or less than everyone else. I am slowly coming to realise that I am still a worthy member of society. I think I am still a good wife and mother, but I also accept I will probably never be able to do work outside the home and be a mother at the same time. But that is ok, I certainly do not judge those women that work and have families, but I've tried it and in the end found I became ineffective as an employee and as a mother. It's best I do less and do the job I value most the best I can. It's important to lead a happy life too!
Today's practice- in the spirit of doing 10 percent less, tonight I am going to do some relaxing asanas and meditate before bed.

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