Monday, September 2, 2013


Day 5.

"Excitement is the surface of fear.
Living Your Yoga: Notice today what excites you. Then look deeper and see what it is about that exciting thing that stimulates fear in you."
(Living Your Yoga, Judith Hanson Lassater)

Another busy day but I managed some Sun Salutations. I was glad to have done them. The kids and I drove to the city to pick up my husband, we were to start our snow holiday as soon as he finished work. I had been so busy packing and getting the animals fed and watered I had not felt the least bit excited.
I finally relaxed enough to get excited when my DH arrived and we left the city on our 5 hour journey up to the mountains. It rained. I mean it was coming down in sheets, that pounding rain that is so heavy that you have to put your wipers on hard and you still can't see. I was well and truly feeling excitement.....and fear! We were heading up to Mount Beauty to stay the night, the kids were so sick of being in the car "how much longer?" "But you said 20 minutes before!" It was about 8.30pm, the rain had eased a little but lightning was blazing in the sky over the mountain, suddenly we saw several cars all stopped on the road with their hazard lights on. A huge branch had come down, shattering on the road. Everyone had just finished hauling pieces of tree off the road and we were able to continue on not long after.
About 10 km further along, the car in front of us put their hazard lights on again and came to a stop. We all got out to clear the debris on the road, someone said they had hit the previous branch but luckily they were going slow and no damage had been done. On we went, driving around smashed bits of tree, I was so relieved when we got to the motel. As I lay in bed that night, I had to consciously relax every part of me, it had been hard work trying to appear calm.

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