Monday, September 2, 2013


"Listening heals a lot of grief and sadness.

 Living Your Yoga: Someone in your life needs to be heard, needs your attention.  Today, take the opportunity to listen to her for ten minutes, without planning your reply."
(Living Your Yoga- Judith Hanson Lassater)

Well, our snow holiday didn't turn out quite as expected.  DD fell ill on the first day.  She wasn't too bad yet and the kids managed to experience trudging through a land of white and they went tobogganing, so much fun!  But by evening she was very poorly.  The next day was worse and we spent the whole day in the apartment.  Because it was the weekend we couldn't get anything to make her feel better, DH drove a round trip of 3 hours for pain relief.  On the following day, the last day of our holiday we prepared for the 5 hour trip home and in the end we had to stop at the hospital at Mount Beauty where DD was examined, given pain relief and finally we got home.

Today has been spent at the doctors and she had her first x-ray, which she thought was pretty cool!
All will be well, but I have spent the whole weekend listening.  Listening to your child in pain hits you right in the heart.  Thank goodness for yoga, it kept me in the present.

Today's practice- 20 min gentle Hatha.

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