Wednesday, September 11, 2013


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Day 18

"All security is false.

Living Your Yoga: We spend lots of time in life trying to manipulate the things and people around us so we will feel safe. But nothing is secure, because all things change. Today notice how you cling to control as a strategy to feel safe. Instead, choose to embrace the absolute truth of change, and then notice how much safer you feel." (A Year of Living Your Yoga by Judith Hanson Lassater PhD., P.T)

Today, we had an appointment in the City. Afterwards we went to the Wave Pool at Albert Park, it's been a long time since I had last been there. The kids were quite small last time and when the waves were on, we sat right up at the shallow end and laughed and squealed as the waves washed over our toes.

This time, DD who loves the water, saw the waves swelling at the deep end and eagerly waded her way towards them. She is under 10 years of age and the rules were that she had to be within arms length at all times. I caught up with her and pointed out the rules board. She nodded, but in the next moment, off she went carried away by the excitement of it all. I got a lot of exercise today wading furiously after her. She also insisted on going on the huge waterslide, I was very apprehensive as I gazed up the three flights of stairs it took to reach the top. "I'll be fine, Mum!" was all she said before scampering off and reappearing with a huge smile on her face several minutes later.

My son is very different, he is naturally cautious and DH and I take every opportunity to encourage him to take a little risk sometimes. With him, I worry he will struggle with change like I do, I really don't want him to be hampered by the immobility that comes with overanalysing every decision. DS is quite different, she is adventurous and I often catch myself trying to hold her back or temper her impulses, yet I know I'm doing her a disservice by doing so. I know that when she is an adult, I want her to be optimistic and open to experience, I don't want her to shrink away from life.

It is true that clinging to control gives the illusion of safety. In a way it is wasted effort because we can never hope to halt change and change although scary, is good. For me personally, change came in many guises and each one was terrifying, but I gained great things from change like- a wonderful husband, trips overseas, pregnancy and lovely children, even my experiences with Bipolar Disorder have given me an appreciation for life and empathy for others. Even change that seems bad is just one swing of the pendulum, a bad experience can trigger growth or illumination. We could all do with taking a deep breath and opening our arms to change.

Today's practice- 20 mins Gentle Hatha in the a.m!


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