Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Mind.

(Copyright Deb Salter 2009)

Day 17.

"What seems like controlling your mind is only the dominance of one part of your mind over another part.  Soon it will switch.

Living Your Yoga:  The mind cannot be controlled; it can be observed with love.  When you step on your yoga mat today, come with curiosity.  Notice how the mind first loves a pose, then is bored with it, then hates the pose.  It keeps changing.  Watch it with love."
(A Year of Living Your Yoga, by Judith Hanson Lassater PhD.,P.T)

Day 17 of my Year of Yoga- Day 1 of getting up a little earlier.  I got on the mat as soon as I rolled out of bed and I observed with curiosity my mind really disliking the sensations of my stiff morning body.  I did find myself feeling that thinking this way was not right but Yoga made me start loving the sensations,  Before I knew it, breathing and moving made it all come together. 

I must say, even though it's only a little over two weeks of doing Yoga daily, it really is making a difference.  That's why I want to make the changes necessary to be able to practice more.  I think I'm enjoying life more, I'm noticing little things that bring me joy and I feel like I'm more connected to life. The morning alarm is still not my friend, but tomorrow I'm definitely getting up early again!

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